A powerful university application that plays to your strengths greatly increases your chance of being admitted.

Undergraduate programs are highly competitive, and successful applicants need more than just a stellar transcript. To get in you must be your absolute best in your application package.

We help you succeed by working closely with you to translate your personal and academic strengths, background and experiences into a compelling university application that stands out.

Unlike other admissions consultants, we take the time to understand you on a personal level to make your application the best it can be so you get accepted and reach your goals.

Our clients have been accepted to Canada’s top universities like University of Toronto, Queen’s and Dalhousie.

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How We Help Your University Application Succeed

Application Strategy and Discussion

Where to apply? What is your ultimate goal? Before you write the first words of your university application, it is important to start with the right strategy.

Choosing where to apply is also part of deciding what you want to do next.

If you want to go on to graduate school or a professional program like law or medicine, finding the right balance of school prestige and your odds of getting top grades are key.

Beyond this, a key part of your application strategy is understanding your background and what it means for your application.

We take a comprehensive approach involving your personal story, transcript and other factors that determine your success.

Before we begin working with you on major application decisions, we ask you to explain in your own words why you want to study a program at your desired school.

This process not only serves as a key building block for your application package, but can identify if it is the best time for you to apply.

We help you find the right strategy for you.

Extracurricular Activities and Awards

Several applications and scholarships now require a detailed view of your extra curricular activities. We explain how to do it and how to show your best self.

What you do outside of the classroom counts a lot for your undergraduate application. Many programs and scholarships now require a detailed look at your extracurricular activities and awards you have won.

On the student newspaper? Debate team? Won school or community awards? Universities really want to know.

Though this may seem less important than your transcript, these details are actually highly important to making your application stand out.

We discuss your extra curricular activities with you and help you understand how to use them on your application form. Universities don’t give you much space, so describing them properly is key.

The end result is you showing your best self, and increasing your chances of admission.

Personal Statements

Your personal statement is where you tell a university about your background and life experiences.

Many applicants find this difficult and intimidating, and worry they don’t have enough to say because they are still in their teens.

But the personal statement or profile isn’t meant to trick you — instead, it is a chance for you to say what is important for you and what you’ve learned from your experiences. It can also determine entrance scholarships.

We help guide you through the process with our highly personalized approach that takes the fear away from writing.

Through interviews together and reviewing drafts together, you will understand what points you should write about, and how to explain how your experience and background is relevant to your target program.

Our customized approach takes the fear out of writing and capitalizes on your transferable skills to that program

You’ll create a compelling personal statement that is matched to the qualities your program is looking for.

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