From coming up with the right strategy to perfecting your personal statement and interviews, we help with every step of your medical school application.


Medical schools are highly competitive, and successful applicants need more than just a stellar GPA. To get in you must be your absolute best in your application package and interviews.


We help you succeed by working closely with you to translate your personal and academic strengths, background and experiences into a compelling application that stands out.


Unlike other admissions consultants, we take the time to understand you on a personal level to make your application the best it can be so you get accepted and reach your goals.


Our clients have been accepted to leading medical schools like University of Toronto, Dalhousie and Queen’s.


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How We Help Your Application Succeed

Application Strategy

Before you write the first words of your application, it is important to start with the right strategy.

This includes selecting the right medical schools to apply to.

We help you figure out which schools are the best match for you, and ensure your professional goals inform your application decisions.

A key part of this strategy is understanding your background and what it means for your application.

We take a comprehensive approach involving your personal story, MCAT results, academic profile and research interests.

Before we begin working with you on major application decisions, we ask you to explain in your own words why you want to be a doctor.

This process not only serves as a key building block for your application package, but can identify if it is the best time for you to apply.

We help you find the right approach for you.

Autobiographical Sketch and CV Review

Medical schools require an autobiographical sketch detailing your education, accomplishments, volunteer activity and experience.

Though they may seem less significant than other parts of an application, the sketch and CV serves as a guide and is key for a successful application

We work closely with you to create a powerful autobiographical sketch tailored to the factors medical school admissions officers look for.

This includes informing the sketch with your personal story and the specifics of your CV to showcase your relevant experience, most impressive achievements, personal well-roundedness and distinguishing details.

Our approach gives you a powerful autobiographical sketch and CV so your application stands out and you make the right impression.

Personal Statement

Every successful medical school application needs a well-written and impactful personal statement.

We know it can be challenging to talk about yourself, so we use a highly detailed approach that identifies your key strengths and stories to form the basis of your personal statement.

We take the time to get to know you not as an applicant, but as a unique individual.

This close perspective, combined with our expertise in creating winning personal statements, results in a powerful statement you will be proud of.

The writing process begins with you submitting a first draft.

Together we revise and expand it using samples of successful statements along with guidance informed by your background to develop a statement that truly represents who you are, not just repeat your CV.

We help your personal statement highlight the qualities medical schools are looking for and put your application on the path to success.

CASPer Preparation

CASPer is an online test used by some medical schools to screen applicants on professionalism, ethics, communication and empathy.

CASPer puts you through 12 scenarios related to these topics, presented in both video and written form. You then answer three questions per scenario.

We help you get ready for CASPer, which can present a different challenge compared to the rest of your application.

We make sure you’re prepared by assisting with strategy like ideal test timing and guide you to the right resources and ways of thinking about the personal traits CASPer questions you on.

Multiple Mini-Interview Preparation

Impressing assessors during the multiple mini-interview is required for your application to succeed.

Don’t underestimate the MMI just because each interview stage is short. Doing well requires extensive preparation to fully understand the process and give clear and effective answers.

We get you ready for the MMI in two stages. First, you complete a comprehensive list of both classic interview questions and those specific to the MMI to help you practice.

Once you are comfortable, we then conduct the first mock interview. New questions are added and your answers are closely reviewed.

Feedback is provided on not only how you responded, but other key behaviours that will maximize your interview impression. We go over telling little details like how to sit and what to wear.

To ensure you are 100% ready, we conduct as many interviews as you need to feel comfortable and confident in answering MMI questions.

Make your medical school application its best.

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