Whether you’re job hunting or switching roles, we work closely with you to achieve your career goals.


This means going beyond editing your resume to understand your background and the experiences that matter for your career.


Why? Because in today’s competitive job market, making the right impression and standing out is key, and details really matter.


We make sure every step of your new job journey is polished, professional and confident, so you wow them from application to final interview.

Special! Get a free 30-minute resume review included with your job application/interview coaching package.

Success Stories

“One of the aspects that helped me most was going through mock interviews exploring difficult questions or scenarios. From beginning to end Anna was there with tangible resources to use during my interview preparation.” — Fernando

“Anna was instrumental in helping me prepare for my IT interview on very short notice. Not only was she supportive, knowledgeable and giving with her time, she helped me walk into my interview with confidence that I did not know I had!” — Matthew

“She was incredibly comprehensive about the scope of questions that I would likely expect and encouraged me to cover all corners and types of questions that I would’ve never anticipated. I covered them, and covered them well and got an offer.” — Sandra

How We Help You Get Ready and Get The Job

Career Discussion

We have a wide-ranging conversation to understand your overall career ideas and goals.

This includes exploring career areas you may not have considered.

It also involves open-ended questions and suggestions, and additional research on new areas to possibly pursue.

With this knowledge and insight, you can confidently begin applying to positions.

Job Application Organization

We help you understand what your application needs by taking a systemic approach that asks key questions relevant to your job search.

The approach you take to creating a job application will depend on the overall context and stage of your career.

For example, are you pursuing companies you want to work at, or taking a more job-centric approach?

We help you understand the big picture and ensure your application is tailored to your specific goal so it makes an impact.

Resume Review & Writing

We help you impress employers with a meaningful resume that really gets across your strengths and attributes, as well as your non-job experience and what makes you unique.

A great resume needs more than just the right words and no spelling or grammar mistakes.

It needs to tell a story — of your career, skills and why you’re the best person for the job.

Our assistance also makes sure your resume stands out visually. As most resumes are looked at for less than a minute, it’s important the formatting and overall presentation is perfect and industry-current.

We make sure your resume clearly showcases your best experience and skills first. Many resume templates waste valuable space and fill the page with generic phrases.

We solve this with excellent resume writing that stands out. Find out more about our resume writing service.

Cover Letter Guidance

We work with you to create a great cover letter showcasing your work background and the personal experiences that matter for the position you’re applying to.

It can be challenging to write a cover letter, and as a consequence many use generic formats and outdated business language that are boring to read and don’t get remembered.

Together we go through and edit a series of drafts until you have a perfect cover letter.

We start with the big picture and then closely rework your sentences and phrases until they are impressive and pursuasive.

The result is a cover letter that is professional, well-written and will impress employers.

Job Interview Coaching

Leaving them impressed in the big interview is a must for any successful job applicant. We help you prepare for your job interview in two stages so you’re prepared and confident.

First, we give you a comprehensive list of both classic interview questions and questions specific to the type of job you’re applying to. Our job interview coaching tips make sure you can confidently and fully answer any questions they may ask.

Once you feel prepared, we then do a mock interview. New job interview questions are added and your answers are closely reviewed. Feedback is provided on not only how you respond, but also other key behaviours you may not be aware of.

We give you constructive interview tips on small factors that matter for how you come across and the impression you make, such as body language and overall appearance.

From the small details to the key requirements, we polish your interview skills to help you get the job.

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Special! Get a free 30-minute resume review with your job coaching package, along with a free copy of our Job Interview Guide eBook.

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