Parents are now more involved with their child’s career and academic decisions, and that’s great.


But this can be challenging, and adding outside expertise can let you and your child overcome barriers and deliver the best outcome for everyone.


We have an open conversation with your child on their interests and options, and empower them with the right information and perspective to make decisions that will let them succeed.


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How We Help Your Child Succeed

Academic and Career Discussion

Parents and children have a unique relationship, but it can be difficult to have a fruitful conversation about academic and career choices.

Many of us have been here before: parents have a certain direction in mind, and their child has another.

And these opposing views may only partly understand what is now required for academic and career success.

Our guidance as a neutral third-party can greatly help the decision-making process, even if both parent and child are on the same page.

We can often elicit more information from your child, and offer them an open conversation with the freedom to talk about their career paths.

This openness can help them fully think through their options, and we provide them with information and guidance to empower their decisions for academic programs and their career after.

From Student to Professional

Your child’s career begins with their choice of academic program, but success also requires many soft skills.

These are your child’s informal education: how to make professional phone calls and begin conversations, how to introduce themselves in an email to an advisor or possible employer, and more.

We help your child acquire and sharpen these skills, which are crucial not only for workplace professionalism but also academic applications and connecting with key program officials.

This guidance will make your child more prepared and future-ready, and set for success.

Working With Your Child on Your Behalf

As a parent you want the best for your child, and for them to be serious and committed to their career, education and future.

And it’s not unusual for a parent to bring in outside help on their child’s behalf.

What matters is your child has a complete understanding of their options for the next step in their education and career, and feels comfortable talking about this openly.


We are another tool empowering your child to succeed and make decisions you and them both believe in.

Our Process For Your Child’s School Application

Initial Consultation and Planning

We start with a consultation with you and your child. This is done in person or on the phone.

Together we create a targeted plan for applications. This includes which universities best meet your child’s needs and future, the pros and cons of each school and where an undergraduate program will take your child after graduation. We also discuss course choices.

As extracurricular activities are also key to application success, we also discuss options for outside-class activities and what kind of roles your child should consider to help them get ahead.

Application Process and Strategy

Once a plan is in place, I guide your child through the school application process in a systemic way, ensuring every application component and need is met.

This step also helps remove the anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed that many students have with applying to university. I keep your child positive and on-track by breaking out the application process into easy to handle steps.

One major part of this process is the creation of an easy-to-understand chart summarizing your child’s extracurricular and work experience. This tool ensures no key detail for the application will be missed.

Application Writing

I provide your child examples of previous successful applications and guide them through the writing of their application.

They write the first draft and I coach them and provide specific feedback on the tone, quality and narrative power of their application to help ensure it exceeds what the university is looking for.

Your child and I go through as many drafts as necessary until the application is polished and professional, and everyone is pleased with the submission.

Unlimited Access to Questions and Help

We provide unlimited access for any questions your child may have.

We can communicate in whatever medium they prefer — email, phone call, even text messages.

The benefit of this is to give them guidance when they need it and reduce their stress and anxiety. This lets them focus on what’s important: doing well in school and maximizing their extracurricular activities.

Help your child achieve academic and career success.

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