Going to grad school is a hugely important achievement for your education and career. To help you succeed, we make your application the best it can be to impress admissions committees.


Graduate degrees are becoming the norm, and that means graduate programs are hyper competitive. We’re here to help your application make an impact so you get in and achieve your goals.


Successful candidates need more than just a compelling and well-written application. You also need to establish a connection with program officials before you apply to maximize your admissions success.


We work closely with you every step along the way, from writing to networking, so you make a great first impression and wow them with your application.


We’ve helped students get into graduate programs at the University of Toronto, Dalhousie, York, Western, Guelph and Ottawa.


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How We Help Your Application Succeed

Application Strategy

Planning out your application and making the right connections is a key part of application success.

Applying to graduate school means applying to a specific program administered by individuals at that school, such as professors.

It’s important to establish a personal relationship with them before applying.

These contacts can can give you advice on applying and tell you what they want in an application.

This process can be difficult, so we help you with introductory emails and phone calls. You may also want to meet with them to discuss your area of research.

We help you plan and feel comfortable contacting your program, so you start off strong by making the right impression.

Personal Statement/Letter of Intent Review

The personal statement/letter of intent is the foundation of your application, but also the most confusing.

We know it can be difficult to write about yourself, and even harder to figure out what qualities admissions committees look for.

One common mistake is to repeat the points on your resume. But great statements instead tell a story about your experiences and background.

This is why we work closely with you to understand your personal background, goals and research interests.

We then work together to organize these into an outline using our knowledge of what successful applications need.

This is developed into a compelling and persuasive story for your personal statement, one that is tailored to your graduate program so your application is the best it can be.

Polished Application Writing

Applying to a graduate program — whether arts or STEM fields — requires accurate writing, with proper language and grammar.

Even if you have top grades, the quality of your writing matters because it is how you translate your personal strengths and backgrounds into your application.

Everyone’s writing can be improved, so we provide editorial help with not only the technical rules of writing, but also the more abstract principles of tone and voice.

We work with you to polish your writing so your application looks as professional as it can be and impresses admissions officials.

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