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The Focused Ambition Experience: Mo’s Civil Engineer Success

Hey everyone,

I have another great client success story to share. Mo was having a tough time moving ahead in his civil engineering career. He had several job interviews but couldn’t advance to the next stage. That’s when he came to me and we worked closely together on interview coaching, focusing on key things he could improve.

The result as you can see was great, and Mo ended up getting not one but two job offers. Here’s a brief interview I did with Mo about his Focused Ambition experience.

How did you find Focused Ambition?

I found Focused Ambition through a Google search. I decided to select Focused Ambition because from the start, Anna was very responsive and informative, making me comfortable with selecting her for my interview coaching needs.

What was the process like working with Focused Ambition?

At first, I was a bit reluctant to seek interview coaching, since I was unsure of its effectiveness. But as soon as I spoke with Anna on the phone, my perception changed. Anna was very accommodating and worked around my schedule and budget to tailor a package that suits me best.

I went with question and answer preparation and feedback prior to a two hour mock interview. I was so happy with the outcome that I decided to schedule another mock interview with Anna after the success of my first real interview to further improve on my interviewing skills. I was immediately scheduled in for a second and final interview with the same company. Ultimately leading to me receiving and accepting an offer letter.

How could others benefit from Focused Ambition’s help?

Others would definitely benefit from the service as Anna has the ability to identify your weaknesses and provide effective advice, aimed at highlighting your strengths and communicating them in an effective manner tailored specifically for the job/position of your choosing.

What were you most surprised about with the Focused Ambition experience?

I was surprised at how involved Anna was in my efforts in achieving my goal. We developed a good personal relationship and she went above and beyond in following up with me and providing help outside what I knew was possible. She helped me in writing a “post-interview” thank you letter and with the salary negotiations.

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