The FA Experience: Research Management Job at Major University

This client came to me after we met during a job application. Her goal was a management position at a research university. She previously worked in successive contracts in research management and then with four months of patience of lots of targeted applications she got her dream job at Canada’s biggest research university

How did you find Focused Ambition?

I met with Anna at an interview, she was on the panel. The interview went very well, all matched – the way it should have been – my experience, my education, and most importantly my passion for the role. But, I couldn’t get the job. What went wrong? However, I noticed Anna’s immense professionalism during my interview and was amazed by that. I decided to get in touch professionally with her!

What was the process like?

Anna was very informative, she listened to me intently, analyzed my queries, and aptly provided her insights. When it comes to my chosen profession, I was focused, and I was ambitious, however, I also knew I was missing something – which made me sometimes quite confused. With Anna, I started to navigate some challenging job interview scenarios. Anna was quick to address that missing part – she is a true strategic thinker. She immediately gained my trust. I was at various times pulled, enticed, nudged and cajoled into accepting her guidance and expertise.

In the first stage, she supported me to prepare an appropriate prospective job list that I should consider applying for. In the second stage this involved going through the processes – back and forth customizing/translating resumes, revising cover letters – to create a timely, appropriate application.

The third stage involved interview preparation. I came across as too casual in job interviews. Anna fixed this by practicing mock interviews with me. We literally went through the job posting paragraph-by-paragraph to understand the requirements and to prepare the “to-the-point” answers to my interview questions. To my most surprise, she actually did figure out the question they went on to ask in the interview!

Thanks to Anna’s assistance, I was hired in a management role at a leading academic and research institution. Anna also gave me useful tips on my salary negotiation.

Focused Ambition was a great investment and I highly recommend it to anyone who is focused and ambitious and needs a little support and clarity.

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