Stop Over Promising and Under Delivering

Stop Over Promising and Under Delivering

When instant responses are the norm and fast turnaround times are expected, we have a tendency to want to please everyone. We tell our bosses, colleagues, team members, clients what they want to hear… Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I’ll do that tonight and you’ll have it in the morning?” However, you don’t finish it and, better yet, you don’t even send an update.

To be considered credible and trustworthy you need to establish proper timelines. Realize that the work you’re delivering impacts the work of others. In fact what you should really do is under promise and over deliver (AKA surprise and delight).

Here are some tips to help you from making this mistake:

Establish realistic deadlines and meet them

  • Look at your schedule and see when this realistically fits. Examine what can be done later and what is a priority. People will bury you if you let them.

Ask for help

  • If you indicate that you’ll have something ready for a certain time and you see yourself not meeting that deadline, ask for help immediately from your team if possible.

Provide advance notice and update

  • Circumstances arise that prevent us from meeting deadlines, and if they do, provide advance notice as soon as possible (not a few days after it’s due).
  • Don’t blame others or being too busy for the lack of delivery, take accountability and explain why.
  • Re negotiate and establish a new time frame and make sure you meet it.

No one likes working with someone they can’t trust to complete their work on time. Scale your workload, plan, and deliver. There’s no good excuse for missing deadlines.

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