Why Millennials Are Changing the World for the Better

Why Millennials Are Changing the World for the Better

Millennials get a lot of flak for being who they are. They’re the generation of technology and information, the era that gave birth to the iPhone, GPS, high speed internet, social media, and Pokemon GO. They are the first generation to really see the world take off in sensational ways, initiating the driving force to build a bridge between traditional values and innovation.

The baby boomers sometimes blame them for everything that is wrong with the world today. They shake their heads at the multitudes who browse their smartphones on the subway and sneer at them for the gadgets that hadn’t been available to them in the past. In fact, a lot of past generations refer to Millennials as spoiled, out of touch, and entitled.

But there’s a lot of evidence that points to the Millennials holding the key to our future, bridging the gaps in our culture in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before. Not only are they the gateway to more avenues of technology and information, but they are inviting the previous generations along for the ride.

Here are five reasons why Millennials are changing the game for our future:

1) They are excellent teachers.

Growing up during the golden age of technology has served as a huge advantage, both for Millennials and for Baby Boomers. Millennials know the ins and outs of the current technological trends and are more than happy to pass on the information to those who may not be familiar with it. With a wealth of information at the tip of ANYONE’S finger tips, they ensure that no one is left behind. It ends up being a sort of reverse mentorship in the work place, and for all intents and purposes, it works to everyone’s advantage.

2) They keep in touch.

If there’s one thing that Millennials excel at, it’s keeping in touch with the world. Social media use, as well as the use of other useful apps such as FaceTime and Skype have allowed Millennials to communicate to friends, colleagues, and loved ones in ways that would have seemed like science fiction in the past. The connection has opened a lot of opportunities for both work and life, allowing Millennials to open the flood gate of opportunity. They care very deeply about the society they live in, and this is strongly reflected in their desire to reach out through the various technological channels available to them.

3) They’re working harder.

A lot of people perceive Millennials as lazy and entitled, but the fact is that Millennials NEED to work more than previous generations in order to obtain what their predecessors have. Less money to go around and less job security often means that some Millennials will work 2 to 3 jobs at one time in order to afford what once had been the basic necessities of life (i.e. A house, a car, etc.)

It’s also interesting to note that unlike previous generations, the Millennials live in the moment with a “no regrets” mentality, traveling and learning as much as possible before settling down. This can in turn rack up the debt, a thing that also requires far more work to pay off.

4) They will stand up for themselves.

Millennials are a fight-for- what’s-right generation that will stand up for what they believe in. There are more job walk-outs with Millennials now that there have been in the past because the new generation demands equality, worker compensation, and fair treatment. This sets an incredible example for both past and future generations. Baby Boomers may have kept quiet on the real issues, but Millennials know how to make a stand.

5) They see ahead.

The demands of today are the innovations of tomorrow. Having grown up seeing huge technological advancements allows Millennials to inherently know what the next step needs to be. This gives them an innovative, inquisitive mindset that allows them to think outside of the box and see into what the needs of the upcoming generations will be. A little foresight can definitely go a long way.

We can’t deny the importance of Millennials. As harbingers of a new generation that integrates technology, information, and connection, they are helping us find better and more efficient ways of getting it all done. They are hard-working and strong-willed, eager to prove themselves in all aspects of their lives. In the face of challenge, they rise to the occasion and demonstrate to the rest of the world what can be possible if we only put our minds to task. In these ways, and in many others, Millennials will end up revolutionizing how we work, play, and see the world around us.

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