Making Your Resume and Cover Letter Look Good

Making Your Resume and Cover Letter Look Good

While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, keep in mind that your resume receives an average of 6 seconds of viewing time from prospective employers.

This means it’s important to make your resume look as good as it can.

Everyone has written a resume, but not everyone has crafted an attractive and effective one. I’ve seen thousands submitted in numerous different formats, and countless pointless mistakes (think 22 pages or redundant demographic information).

The traditional, Microsoft Word-template resume won’t stand out. Remember, styles of resumes have evolved just as fashion does, so you need to stay away from the outdated and bland, and create something new and modern.

How do you deliver a powerful, eye-grabbing resume? Try these tips.

1. Get white space out of your resume as much as possible

Use all of the page, especially the top part. So many people waste valuable space at the outset, when in fact this is where your biggest impact is made, because it’s the first part they’ll read.

2. Lead with your strongest asset

If you have impressive education but limited work experience, get that at the top so it’s read first. On the contrary, if you have limited education but valuable work experience and impressive job titles, highlight that first. There are no rules for organization. Tailor it to your assets so you look good.

3. Match your cover letter and resume format

Your formatting says a lot about your attention to detail and the quality of your work. So make an impact by sharing the same letterhead, including a scanned e-signature, and never using cursive writing fonts for a fake signature.

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