The Focused Ambition Experience: Harrison’s Medical School Journey

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I have been so fortunate to have my client Harrison share his perspective on his experience working with Focused Ambition. He discusses how how we became his Partner in Potential in turning his initial Dalhousie Medical School rejection into an acceptance and a specialized medical residency the following year.

Q: How did you find Focused Ambition?

A: After initially being wait-listed for medical school and subsequently rejected, I searched for professional help with my second round of applications. I found Focused Ambition on the web and after speaking with Anna it quickly became apparent she had a lot of experience I could benefit from. Coming from my undergraduate degree at St. Francis Xavier University  that consisted mainly of four years of research, didn’t leave me with much interview experience. With Anna’s help, I was accepted to Dalhousie Medical School the next year! Given her track record it was a no brainer to reach out again with my residency and fellowship applications.

Q: What was the process like working with Focused Ambition?

A: The process was incredibly flexible and efficient. My initial application to medical school was daunting given the newly instituted multiple mini interviews (MMI), Anna prepared me thoroughly with prep material, key tips and video conferencing practice. My second interview after Anna’s help was drastically better, I had gained significant confidence from the tools she provided me. Practicing interviews and talking constantly was initially difficult, however I was eased by Anna’s friendly approach and genuine concern for my success — she really cares. I was thrilled with the notes she provided for my letter of intent, her use of language gave my application an enhanced professional look.

When it came time for my residency application to Internal Medicine (IM) Anna again assisted me with my personal letters and interviews. This round of interview prep was redesigned and individualized for each interview to IM across the country. She made it easy for me to focus on experiences and feelings that allowed my interviews to flow naturally. Her skills helped me showcase my strengths and communicate effectively which has translated into repeated success, I have gone on to match to my top gastroenterology fellowship again with her assistance.

Q: What were you most surprised about with the Focused Ambition experience?

A: I was most surprised by how quickly Anna connected with my goals and individualized our approach to my success — I felt like she was my partner in this and just as invested as I was in my success. Anna was so approachable and enthusiastic even over videoconferencing that I was reassured immediately. This built my confidence I had picked someone who was going to be able to help me. It was amazing how much progress we made with each session because Anna gave me tasks to prepare and the tools to develop my applications.

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