The Focused Ambition Experience: A Client’s Perspective

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I wanted to take a moment and share the experience that one of my recent clients Olivia had while working with me here at Focused Ambition. Just a few weeks ago she was accepted into the Pharmacy Program at Dalhousie University. I helped coach her through the application process. Here is a quick interview I conducted with her on her experience.

Q: How did you find Focused Ambition?

A: I found Anna through many recommendations from my family. They knew that I was applying to a program that was very competitive and that I would need help to put my best foot forward in the application process. Especially because I only had one year of science undergrad under my belt (the minimum requirement), competing against others with four-year degrees. The chances of me getting into such a competitive program with so little science was a long-shot. So I reached out to Anna and that was how we got started.

Q: What was the process like?

A: The process was honestly amazing and very simple. Anna and I started by going through the application to figure out how to best showcase my accomplishments in a meaningful way. When I found out I got an interview we were both ecstatic – the fact that I even got an interview was incredible, again because I only had one year of science. We began many practice MMIs and discussed how I could answer the different types of questions in the best way possible. Anna was so helpful the whole way through, and her knowledge on interview and application processes is unparalleled. The best part of this experience was that the entire experience was conducted remotely. She was very flexible with working around my schedule. We spoke on text, Skype and email.

Q: How could others benefit from this service?

A: Others could benefit from this service no matter the type of application they are preparing — Anna understands the fundamentals of all applications and is able to break the process down for anyone into easy to understand and executable pieces. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process, she can help you with your initial application, forming a resume, choosing your references, with interviews and anything else that comes up along the way.  She just gets it.

Q: What were you most surprised about with the Focused Ambition experience?

A: The thing that I found most surprising about the process was Anna’s dedication to you. She works so hard and makes sure that you are ready for every single step that occurs in an application process. It can be so daunting to navigate a university application by yourself, especially for graduate work or highly competitive programs, so having Anna there to help me was the best decision I made for myself. It really took the stress out of the experience and when I submitted my application, I knew that I had put in the most effort possible and handed in the best application I possibly could — and clearly it worked.

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