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Client Success Story: Naomi’s Business School Application

Hey everyone,

Anna here with another great success story of a Focused Ambition client. Naomi’s parents came to me for help with her application to the hyper-competitive HBA undergrad business degree program at the Ivey Business School at Western University. Naomi was really active with a busy schedule involving a lot of extracurricular sports at her high school, and together we developed that and her other strengths into a powerful application — and she got in!

Here’s a Q&A I did with Naomi on her Focused Ambition experience.

How did you find Focused Ambition?

We found Focused Ambition online after a series of internet searches. We called and interviewed a number of other companies and consultants however we were most comfortable with Focused Ambition. After calling Anna, she consulted with us personally and helped me believe that I would be successful with my application. Her prior experience and knowledge in the field made me feel more comfortable and the easy process allowed me to work on my own schedule.

What was the process like working with Focused Ambition?

Working with Focused Ambition was a great process. Using Google Drive, email, and telephone communication, I was able to achieve my goals on my own schedule. Anna was always available to provide feedback, edit my work, and answer my questions. I had a timeline and I was told exactly what I needed do to get into the schools I wanted to attend. Focused Ambition had the previous experience that made the process seamless and easy.

How could others benefit from this service?

Focused Ambition provides a unique and experienced perspective that can allow many others to be successful. Anna has the necessary knowledge that helped me and can help many others make the correct decisions when pursuing academics and career. Applying to schools and becoming more successful in the workplace can be very difficult, and sometimes to achieve those goals, we need help from experienced professionals. Focused Ambition provided valuable insight that makes the process much easier.

What were you most surprised about with the Focused Ambition experience?

I was most surprised with how easy the process was and how well it worked. I mostly expected a lot of time meeting with a consultant and constantly going back and forth. Focused Ambition made the process very easy with minimal time commitment on my end. With my busy schedule, this was an important aspect, and being able to continue adhering to my current schedule and getting into the schools I wanted to was what made it so successful.

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