How to Choose Proper Workplace Attire

How to Choose Proper Workplace Attire

Every office operates by its own set of rules and regulations. You may find yourself in a workplace that is incredibly organized and professional, employers and employees rushing back and forth in business suits and ties. Conversely, you may find yourself in a more relaxed atmosphere where the “be who you are” vibe is the model for its workers. The atmosphere and your employers will always dictate which sort of culture you will be stepping into when you go to work, and you will have to observe this carefully when you assume a new job role.

The culture of an office will more certainly dictate what to wear. Not every office demands that you dress to the nines on a daily basis, and some may not deem it appropriate to do so. It is important to be aware of what is expected of you before you go into work each day so you always come off as a professional team player and an advocate of the  mentality your workplace wishes to convey.

Here are some things to keep in mind before selecting a suitable wardrobe for your workplace. (And remember, you don’t HAVE to be boring!)

Learn about the office culture.

If you are working for a group of people who like to portray the edge of Millennial fun, youth, and self-expression, than anything may fair game (within reason, of course). On the other hand, if you’re working in a suit and tie office building, you will want to model your wardrobes around that. When you come in for your first interview, observe what the other employees are wearing and see what you can do to fit within a similar model.

It’s fine to stand out, but don’t stick out.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out in a crowd, there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t be the kind of person who makes a fashion statement into a personal billboard (maybe save the pink shorts for the beach). Subtle touches and dashes of individuality will be very appreciated as long as the fit the culture and dress code of the office.

If you’re getting a new wardrobe, set out a budget.

This will especially be the case if you are transitioning into a business professional environment. Write out how much you are willing (and able) to spend on a new wardrobe and stick to it. There are always fashionable and reasonable options for every person who is looking to purchase their new work attire. Spend your money on classic, well-fitting pieces that can be worn in different ways, as well as fashionable seasonal pieces.

Know what’s allowed and what’s not.

A lot of people have tattoos these days, and a lot of offices have integrated the appearance of them into their dress code (even some of the more business professional ones!) However, some offices have strict policies against certain piercings, visible tattoos, and even colored nail polish! Have a look at the company policies and if you have a wrist tattoo, for example, consider getting a watch to cover that area up at work.

Know what occasions you will need to dress up (or down) for.

Big general meeting with the CEOs? Wear something dressier. Golf tournament with the company? Be golf ready. There will be occasions where both form of attire will be suitable, so make sure that you are prepared with something when the time comes.

Having a wardrobe that fits to the look and feel at the office will give you a more more successful, professional air. While appearances are definitely not everything, something that puts you in the right mind set to get to work will definitely go a long way for your overall well being. Looking the part as well as acting the part is crucial in any job role, especially when you are trying to make your best impression.

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