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For Millennials to succeed today they need a new kind of career help and guidance – a Professional Success Advocate.

I’m Anna. As a Millennial, I understand the unique challenges our generation faces because I’ve been there — both as a university student putting my career together and as a Human Resources Manager navigating the working world.

What did I learn from my experiences? A lot. But the real eye-opener was that career counselling and coaching is rooted in the pre-smartphone era and is out of touch with Millennials’ unique needs.

Today, getting into an advanced degree program like medicine, law or engineering means you have to package your highlights and background into a powerful application. For that big career job, you need to organize yourself to make the best impression both on paper and in interview. Then, moving ahead with your career means you need to smoothly navigate workplace issues, constantly impress and above all stand out.

In other words, for Millennials to succeed today they need a new kind of career help and guidance — a Professional Success Advocate.

Like many young professionals my career didn’t follow a straight line. My job in human resources came after several twists and turns: studying engineering, switching to finance, and then the big question: Start my professional career or get an advanced degree? I let my strengths of working with and coaching others on career organization and strategy guide my decision, and pursued a masters in human resources.

Advanced degree in hand, my career began at a tricky time: the 2008 recession. Before the ups came one big down as my first post-school job met a sudden end. But there’s a silver lining, as this gave me insight into the workplace dynamics we can all face — knowledge that’s made me a better career coach.

After this came many wins that brought me to working as a Human Resources Business Partner at a major Canadian university. This experience gave me a real education in providing career assistance: Conducting numerous staff interviews for job training and professional development, I learned the secret of a great resume, cover letter and interview.

Throughout all this I’ve deepened my understanding of what you need to ace a demanding university program application, leave them wowed in interviews and get empowered with the skills and know-how needed to land top professional placements and earn great promotions.


Anna Gordon


Success Advocate

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